Contest for the lighting design solution of the Nod makerspace and Mater lobby.

DESIGN AWARD 2021 Winners

XO1010 – 1st Place

The jury appreciated the creativity of the solution and the possibility to interact with it – a Tic Tac Toe game created from ProfilistLED profiles that can work and become active at certain events for participants. Possibilities of adapting it to space were also discussed, variants in which it could be extended over a larger area to become more complex in terms of gameplay and interaction.

XO1010 - Plansa 1

XO1010 - PLANSA 2

RT1523 – 2nd Place

The jury appreciated the flexibility and efficiency of the proposed solution. Taking into account the fact that the game of vertical and horizontal profiles can be adapted to space, the possibility of its extension on its entire surface was discussed.

RT1523 - Plansa 1

RT1523 - PLANSA 2

NA1000 – 3rd Place

The jury appreciated the originality of the project and the creativity with which it manages to integrate the already existing elements in the space, developing a clear concept based on them. However, the profiles used are not the ones initially proposed by the theme, which makes it more difficult to implement.

NA1000 - Plansa 1

NA1000 - PLANSA 2


We invite both young architects, interior architects, as well as professionals in related creative fields, to participate with a lighting design proposal that will transform the lobby area into a unique and bright space for visitors and the Nod Makerspace community.

We encourage creativity and different approaches in the process of generating a coherent project, which will make the visitor feel special, in a space already known for promoting high quality design.

The criteria which the development proposal must meet are:
functionality, aesthetics and creative use of materials.


The proposal must take into account the generous dimensions of the space and different lighting scenarios depending on the type of events that take place and on the daily needs.


The design will take into account the general appearance of the space, the height and the circulation of the public and members.


You can use any type of profiles and accessories from Profilistled, our partners and consultants in the field.


The lighting solution must fit into a 3 × 7 meters light fixture or set of light fixtures.


Those who enter our space every day, visit us for more and more diverse things – they want to go to the library or to the Nod makerspace workshops, they have a meeting with a member of the community, they take part in an event or course, they are curious and often ask for an organized tour of the space.

The lobby includes the waiting and reception area, where people make their first impression of the space and interact for the first time with the Nod / Mater team. This space is our business card. Here originated the idea of a contest to highlight the space properly, through a specially designed set of lighting fixtures.

The Space

PROFILISTLED Romania is the partner of Mater and Nod makerspace in terms of lighting systems. This collaboration reflects innovation and passion as core values. The concept was implemented using linear profiles equipped with LEDs cut and customized for each area.

Through geometric shapes and independent sources of light, which diffuse a direct, strong, but comfortable light, such a space needs light to stimulate creativity and the desire to do things



First prize


Second Prize


Third Prize

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@Nod makerspace


Lorena Brează

Coordinator @ The Challenge Academy

Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Editor-in-chief @ Zeppelin

Florin Cobuz

CEO @ Nod makerspace

Demetrius Tanase

Product designer @ PROFILISTLED

Questions & Answers

Competitors can participate individually or in a team. The members of the jury and of the secretariat, the team members which elaborate the theme and the regulation, the promoter, first or second degree relatives of those mentioned do not have the right to participate in the contest.

The space can be visited throughout the competition from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00. For questions about the history of space, its story, changes over time and current functionality, you can contact the Nod makerspace team.

Yes. The winning solution will be made with the help of PROFILISTLED lighting systems and will be implemented by the Nod makerspace makers’ team

Competitors can participate individually or in a team. The members of the jury and of the secretariat, the team members which elaborate the theme and the regulation, the promoter, first or second degree relatives of those mentioned do not have the right to participate in the contest.


MATER is the first material library in Southeast Europe. A new tool for learning and innovation, the library is an extensive collection of both classic and newest, emerging materials from around the world.

The collection is constantly updated by the team of librarians and addresses all creative industries – architecture, construction, interior design, product design, advertising, fashion and jewelry design, arts, etc. – and profile educational institutions.

The spatial configuration of the library has been designed in such a way that professionals can work for their projects, be inspired by materials, participate in conferences and seminars.

In addition, professionals can visit the library with clients to compare available materials, both physically and in the online catalog.

About Nod makerspace

Nod makerspace is the first large creative center in Romania that aims to democratize design, engineering and creative education. It is a creative workspace and a dynamic ecosystem open to designers, artists, engineers, inventors, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Any creative mind, anyone who has an idea, an invention or a prototype, and wants to develop it, finds the right space, a support community, and the production equipment that can bring any project to life.

Nod is a makerspace, but also a co-working space, therefore any project can be developed here.


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